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Galen and his wife Alice started G. Hedgecock Inc. in 1970, after Galen had already been working in the industry for seventeen years.  Alice operated a roller while their two sons helped with the labor. Galen did the estimating and operated the grading and paving equipment.  Dorwen Stinnett was hired on as “part-time” help (he is still working for the company today).  Galen and Alice operated and grew the company to 8 full-time team members in 1995.

Wanting to slow down and travel together, Galen and Alice sold the company to Brian Kline in 1995. Galen and Brian had been working together in the industry since 1980; when Brian was working for Modesto Sand and Gravel, a demolition and material supplier to G. Hedgecock Inc.

Brian has built upon this foundation and has been fortunate enough to grow the company in sales and 25+ full-time team members while maintaining a small company feel.  He credits the exceptional crew and customers he has been lucky enough to work with over the years.


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